Think Tank Think Tank


The Think Tank is an annual symposium orchestrated by Legat Architects. Each year, we invite authorities from a variety of disciplines to speak about trends related to their areas of expertise, as well as how design impacts those fields. In recent years, the symposium has featured discussions about biophilic and sustainable design, health and welfare, school safety, urban sprawl, and many other timely topics. During last year’s event, the Think Tank partnered with the Chicago Architecture Biennial and was featured on ArchDaily, Bustler, and Architectural Products magazine.

In 2020, we will discuss resilience in a post-COVID world among various industries including healthcare, transportation, and education. The event, co-hosted by the Chaddick Institute at DePaul University, is open to the public.

Due to the global pandemic, this year’s Think Tank will take place entirely online as a series of lunchtime lectures hosted by experts from around the world.

  • THINK TANK 2015 | Educational Environments
  • THINK TANK 2016 | Biophilic Design
  • THINK TANK 2017 | Health, Safety, and WELLfare
  • THINK TANK 2018 | Neuroscience and Human Experience
  • THINK TANK 2019 | Megaregion
  • THINK TANK 2020 | Resilient