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Housing Stock & Design Alternatives

October 1, 2021 | 2:00 - 5:00 PM CST
Host: Adam Quigley, AIA
Legat Architects Chicago

What mistakes do architects make when working to design housing for disadvantaged communities? How can we avoid these pitfalls?

Housing Stock & Design Alternatives

This symposium will focus on ways architects and designers can re-center disadvantaged communities while designing developer-based housing projects.

First, at 2:00 CDT, we'll hear from LHB Corp's Todd Rhoades, who will share his experiences designing housing for underprivileged communities in the Twin Cities.

Then at 3:15 CDT, following a Q&A and brief intermission, we'll hear from a panel of developers and designers from around the Midwest who will discuss how disinvestment can negatively affect multifamily projects at all scales; the lingering effects of the pandemic and how it has affected federal, state, and local priorities regarding incentives for designing public housing; and finally, opportunities for reinvestment and partnership among developers, designers, and communities to facilitate future growth.


From 2:00 - 5:00 PM CST on four autumn Fridays three weeks apart, a different Legat studio will be playing host to a keynote speaker, followed by an intermission and a panel discussion with 3-5 experts (including the keynote speaker).

Event registration will be provided through Eventbrite. Links to the Zoom webinar will be provided via email upon registration. Each session will credit attendees with 2.0 AIA Continuing Education Learning Units (LUs), which will count toward the required annual quota for architects.

Each session will be hosted by a different representative from Legat Architects.