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We are at a turning point.

2020 laid bare an essential truth: resilience is imperative to our survival and our ability to thrive. In a nation crippled by pandemic, millions are now forced to re-examine their homes, workspaces, and schools through a lens of health, safety, and welfare. Old standards for what constituted acceptable practices have been thrown out the window. More people are now working remotely from home than ever before. To reopen the world, designers and architects will have to create a new playbook for growth, one that builds on new discoveries and hard science. Through design measures, environmentally-conscious practices, institutional transformation, and individual growth, we can overcome these hardships and build our resilience.

In ecology, resiliency implies the capacity of an ecosystem to respond to disturbance or invasion by recovering quickly, adapting to change, and evolving to thrive rapidly. In this year of radical change, resilience is imperative to the survival of not just architects and designers, but also the human race. Join us in September for a week of lunchtime keynotes on resilience in design.